Tuesday, 10 August 2010

move your body

exhibit 1:exhibit 2:
hmm what is this innocent-looking small plastic leopard box? a mirror compact perhaps? a travelcard holder? a coaster? NO. a limited 'container' for your intimate bits which is currently being given away with packets of bodyform and is so desirable that a few have even made it on to ebay. one word: why?

which leads me on to:
exhibit 1

argos' leopard print loo seat. two words: why not?

Monday, 26 July 2010


phoebe just emailed me this and made my monday...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"looks so good in her JEREMY SCott [tracksuit bottomz]"

[above: leopard spotted at old street roundabout summer 09
below: jeremy scott for adidas originals summer 09]

until last year i knew more about jeremy scott for his glorious katy perry collabs than anything else since you can't really buy (look at) his clothes in the UK. HOWEVER if his real collections are on lockdown to the london crazy-fashfan then there's always his slightly delirious ranges for adidas originals, available EVERYWHERE. now.

of course the theme of his first railful of loungewear in spring/summer 09 (vintage yah) was ANIMAL and i am still padding about the house (and occasionally elsewhere) in quiet joy wearing my prized baggy/low-slung limited JS leopard trews.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


gaga now, on tour.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


ALL IMAGES>> mr facehunter>> the book

got the facehunter book earlier this month. turned up at foyles a few days after his signing session (i knew he wasn't going to still be there) expecting to get a signed copy. but they didn't have any. so i bought a regular one. i'm pleased to see lots of leopard ladies in there - even one with spots tattooed up her arm (not pictured). leopard on the streets: where it belongs.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


my older brother is getting married next month and since i got the frock for my friends mel&jon's wedding in september i've been thinking about what the hell to wear to it. it might seem like i have it easy being leopard-lover - that i might have many many options, ideas, strategies. but that's not true. if my imagination is unlimited then my budget is not.

so i found the above-top DKNY jungle dress on my-wardrobe. it's dressy but not too formal, an appropriate length and that print is freaky-fresh and hot. BUT when i tried it on it just hung - with no zip/proper tailoring it felt like a post-beach summer holiday easy evening dress. [plus i saw a pic yesterday of jo whiley wearing it to the NME awards. hmm]

back to the internet then, where i saw the DVF mini pictured above. but when i went to try it on in store my, um, size wouldn't go over my head. then i saw a pap-pic of one of fergie's offsprings wearing it on the way out of some mayfair twittery. no no no. no.

i have 5 weeks left.